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In God's Light Do We See Light!

For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.

Psalm 36:9, AMPC

In these last days, deception is running rampant like never before.

It is imperative for the Body of Christ to be rooted in the Truth.

The only way to be rooted in the truth is to choose to be lovers of the Truth.


When we are lovers of the truth,

we will not tolerate or even incline ourselves to what is untrue.

Therefore, we make the intentional decision to cleave to our Heavenly Father,

Who is Truth, Himself.


It is in God’s light and His light alone that we choose to see light.

That we choose to get our answers. That we choose to get our direction.

That we choose to get our insight.

God is our Choice.

Our #1 Choice.

Our ONLY Choice –

by choice!

In Jesus’ Name!

Welcome to God's Love Song Ministries!!!



I’m in awe at your teaching! It makes the Word so clear and plain! You do it so graciously.

Ida - Houston, TX

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