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Become a Light Be! Partner Today!

God spoke to me in 2018 and said, "I don't want My people walking in darkness another moment about who they are, what they have, or what they can do." He then took me to James 1:17 in the Mirror Bible, where it says: I am the Father of lights in Whom there is NO distortion or even a shadow of shifting to obstruct or intercept the light, nor a hint of a hidden agenda.

Light is revelation. Light is illumination. There is not a piece of revelation that God wants to hold back from us. He's not trying to hide a single sliver of light. Every piece of revelation He has, He wants to give it to us.

God never intended for us to walk in darkness. We often associate darkness with the devil and evil, and there's a place for that. But darkness, in essence, is the absence of light. It's the absence of revelation. It's the absence of illumination. It's walking around not knowing. It's walking around in obscurity.

God never intended darkness for us. How do we know? We see in the Genesis 1 account of the creation that God created LIGHT on the very first day. He said, "Light Be!" and light was. He separated the light from the darkness.

Our assignment at God's Love Song Ministries is to illuminate the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit regarding who you are, Who God is in you, what you have as a child of God, and how to walk in the authority that Jesus gave you.

By becoming a Light Be! Partner, you will help us to teach and disciple saints around the world regarding their identity in Christ. To learn about our outreach and ministries, click here.

Responsibilities of Partnership:

  • Supporting the ministry with a monthly financial seed

  • Praying for this ministry regularly

  • Supporting the ministry with your participation in outreaches and initiatives as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Daily prayer by our prayer ministers,

  • Agreement in prayer according to the Word of God,

  • Celebration of God's goodness in your life as you share your testimonies with us,

  • Faith-filled, Bible teachings on a monthly basis, and, most importantly,

  • An impartation of the revelation of the love of God and the anointing that is on this ministry to walk in alignment with the heartbeat of God.

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