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Thank you for you the awesome privilege of feeding you the Word of God through my offering, Beyond Salvation: The Art of Receiving God's Promises. Though this book is offered free of charge, I would be remiss if I did not offer you the opportunity to activate what you have learned, are learning, or desire to learn:

If you have been blessed by the things you have learned / are learning / look forward to learning in Beyond Salvation, I would like to encourage you to give, or to “sow on it.”  Sowing in this context is a spiritual principle where one plants finances in the Kingdom of as a faith expression that they have received the Word that has been taught. It is also a faith expression that says they expect to see that Word manifest in their life. 

Many would equate this kind of giving to giving an offering or a donation, but it is so much more.

When sowing a financial seed into a ministry or church, etc., you are not just giving an offering or making a charitable donation. Sowing a financial seed is what one does when one personally receives the Word that was delivered and earnestly expects to see that Word come to pass in his or her life. Sowing is your faith expression that says you believe the Word you have heard. It is also the impetus that activates the operation of that Word in your life. 

Sowing is NOT a form of buying a blessing. NEITHER is it a selfish motive of giving to get. Rather, it is a spiritual law – the law of sowing and reaping.

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