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Outreaches and Ministries

One Meal At A Time

One Meal at a Time (1 MAAT) is a ministry outreach that provides food - natural and spiritual - to people in need in Kenya and in Texas.


The Lord spoke to me and asked me to fast going out to eat one time a week and to use the funds to begin this food ministry - one meal at a time.


We started by sponsoring a family - sending monthly financial donations and holding monthly Bible Studies. That family now sows into other families in their community. God has since blessed them with a garden, and through supernatural provision, is promoting them to become a food supplier for their community. 


How can you participate?


Join me! Fast going out for one meal, one time a week, and sow those funds into this ministry outreach (1MAAT). Let's bless souls one meal at a time.

Online Ministry to Kenya

This online ministry to Kenya is a teaching ministry via Zoom, where  I  teach preach the reality of the gospel and  practical application of the Word of God ito people in Kenya.


This ministry developed following GLSM's in-person ministry to Kenya in 2019. God blessed us with precious relationships and open doors.


Want to Watch?


Teachings are available on:

Facebook: @Godslovesongministries

 YouTube: God's Love Song Ministries

Vimeo: Katherine Free

 (Doing a search for the word "Swahili" will pull up all of the teachings.)


How can you participate?


Your prayers and financial contributions will help us with purchasing the Internet services needed in Kenya, as well as the equipment needed to continue to produce and distribute these video teachings.

Beyond Salvation: Redefining Eternity as You Know It

This monthly ministry is a teaching series based on my book "Beyond Salvation: The Art of Receiving God's Promises." It is my prayer that through these teachings, people will grow more intimately acquainted with the true heart of God and receive all that He has for them. The teaching is delivered via Facebook Live every third Saturday.

This ministry developed when Pastor True Lafayette of True Free Love Ministries contacted me with the desire to be a part of ministering the message of Beyond Salvation to the Body of Christ.

Want to Attend?

Clickhere to see a listing of times, dates, and access information. 

How can you participate?

Your prayers and financial contributions will help us with the development of platforms where we can deliver personalized, interactive instruction, mentorship, and discipleship. 

Weekly Bible Study

This live, interactive Bible Study is one of the many positive results of the 2020 COVID Shutdown! 


Through this Bible Study, God birthed the Dominion Task Force - a group of Believers who are learning to walk in their authority and to take dominion in the earth.


How can you participate?


Your prayers and financial contributions will help us to hire the support staff needed to edit, produce, and package the recordings so we can distribute them with consistency and excellence. Having support staff will allow me (Prophetess Free)  more time to focus on my Acts 6:4 Mandate from the Lord: to give myself continuously to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.

Discipleship Way

Discipleship Way is an online discipleship platform where people can come to receive personalized discipleship and accountability ministry without the fear of embarrassment, judgment, or ridicule.


Discipleship Way is a response to people’s desire for access to interactive, personalized instruction they can grasp and a practical way to apply what they have learned.


How can you participate?

Your prayers and financial contributions will help us expand our platforms so we will be able to provide, package, and host specialized classes. 

Light Be! Events

Light Be! is an annual event that is held wherever the Lord has need of it. In our first year (2019), it was a Light Be! Conference held in Kehancha, Kenya, and Bujumbura, Burundi. The next year, it was the Light Be! Revival of 2020, held online due to COVID shutdowns. Though we may not know from year to year what the event will be or where it will be held, this we do know: IT WILL BE HELD!

Light Be! conferences and events were born as a result of a divine appointment for me to speak at a women's conference in Africa. When I asked the host how many days it would be and how many speakers there were, he responded, "You're it! Come loaded because we want all you've got!"

As my secretary and I were designing the flyer to publicize the conference, we both heard "First Annual Light Be! Conference." We immediately put our faith to work to believe for the second and the third and the fourth...

Want to Attend?

Stay tuned for details about our next event.

Want to Host a Light Be! Event?

Email us at

How can you participate?

Your prayers and financial contributions will help us to prepare for all things Light Be! :

 travel, missions, operating expenses, etc.. 


Your ministry is a blessing. People will testify when you come to Kenya and they will see it for themselves.

[I've learned] to surrender to God, to meditate on the Word of the Lord, and to believe it.

I am traveling in another realm of understanding who I am in the Lord, and Who the Lord is in me. 

Evans - Nairobi, Kenya

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