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Wanna Come to Bible Study 

Where You Can Ask Questions and Receive Answers in Real-Time?

(ONLINE: Thursdays at 7:15 pm ET )

Great! You're in the right place!

We know your time is valuable, so read the tenets below to make sure this Bible Study is a good fit for you. If it is, complete the form to receive your link to the Bible Study. (Link and password are subject to change. To keep abreast with current information, you can request to be added to our Bible Study email list once you attend.)


1. WE DO THINGS DECENTLY AND IN ORDER (I Cor. 14:40). GO WITH THE FLOW OF the Holy Spirit. While you are free to ask questions and make comments, do not interrupt the teacher or others to steer the conversation in a different direction. (Most times you’ll find that what you wanted to say will come out.)

2. WE WALK IN HUMILITY. THE BIBLE DEFINITION OF HUMILITY IS SEEING YOURSELF AS GOD SEES YOU (Rom. 12:3, I Cor. 15:10a). There are no Big I's or Little U's, and there are no Big U's and Little I's. Participate in the sessions.  God gave us each a unique supply and we all have something to contribute. The more you put into the session, the more you will get out of the session.

3. WE DEAL WITH EACH OTHER IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH (Jn 4:24). The purpose of sharing in the discussion is to add context or clarity to your situation for yourself - not to advise or preach to others.  By virtue of sharing, you are allowing others to glean from your experience for themselves. Trust that Holy Spirit knows how to minister to each of us in the way we need.

If these tenets sound like this Bible Study will be a good fit for you, sign up! We look forward to having you!!!

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