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 The Consecration Package:

Jesus is Lord - BUT is He YOURS 

Consecration Journey

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Jesus is Lord - BUT is He Yours? is a 7-page ebook/downloadable PDF. Reading this book will prompt you to do a private self-examination where you will be able to answer the question in the privacy of your own heart - Jesus is Lord, but is He MINE?

If you are saved, go to church, or are in ministry - this book is especially for you!

Consecration Journey is a 6-unit module that walks you through that all-important process of dying to self.

 If you're still reading this description, this Consecration Journey is for you!  It's gentle but strong. You can do it in the privacy of your own heart while sharing it with trusted accountability partners (like your spouse or small group Bible Study). You can do it at your own pace and still make sure you hit all of your checkpoints. At the end of this leg of your Consecration Journey, not only will you recognize areas where you need to die to self, but you will also have already begun taking the action steps needed to enjoy deeper levels of consecration unto the Lord.

Consecration Journey is a 24-page downloadable PDF. It comes with a Consecration Prayer, 4 discipleship videos, and a bonus unit at the end of the module.

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