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The Prayer Corner

The Prayer Corner is an outreach of God's Love Song Ministries in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Our mission at The Prayer Corner is to establish the Presence of God in the midst of the people and to minister to those who turn aside to see. Just as Moses turned aside to see why the bush was not consumed (Ex. 3:1-4) and John turned ...

Love on Trump Initiative 2018

The Love on Trump Initiative is an outreach of God's Love Song Ministries to the President of the United States. Though headquartered in St. Croix, USVI, participation is open to anyone anywhere in the world!

To demonstrate the love of God through tangible expressions of love (i.e., notes of prayer and encouragement) to President Trump.
President Trump will receive a revelation of the manifested love of God, know and believe the love of God, and reign in the love of God as the President of the United States.

Our expressions of love and encouragement are not based on our personal feelings for or opinions of President Trump. They are based on Love, Who lives inside of us. God is love.

Sister Ministries:

God's Love Song Ministries has been multiplied to become a five-fold entity, representing the five-fold ministry!

We are excited to introduce our first expansion:  GREATER WORKS DISCIPLESHIP ACADEMY!!!


Greater Works Discipleship Academy

Are you feeling frustrated because you're not seeing answers to your prayers? Do you find yourself feeling disappointed with God? Maybe you're wondering if this "faith thing" really works.

We have news for you: It does! Join us at Greater Works Discipleship Academy and we will show you how.

Greater Works Discipleship Academy is an online academy assigned to disciple individuals through a high-level touch approach in the practical application of the Word of God - maturing them in the faith and teaching them to live a life of victory by walking in the authority Jesus gave them.

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    Join us for our free webinar, "Light Be!"  on January 21, 2019 at 6pm EST.

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