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Join your faith with ours as we believe God for the items below for our Prayer Conference.

Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.

(After the conference, the items will be used throughout the year for our Discipleship Way Kenya Bible Studies, functions, and events.)

Smart TV (for mass in-person viewership at Discipleship Way Kenya) - $400

  • Having a Smart TV will enable in-person attendees to see the computer screen during virtual events. Having in-person gatherings during virtual events is cost-effective because it saves individuals from having to purchase Internet Bundles to participate (approx. $5/hour). Groups are able to participate in the virtual gatherings with the Wi-Fi Internet that is provided at Discipleship Way Kenya.

Carpet (to remove echo & enhance audio effects) - $125

  • Through your partnership, God has blessed us with a meeting hall where we can hold our virtual events and Bible Studies and have in-person attendees. However, the acoustics are not conducive, as there is often an echo when using amplification (i.e., mics, etc.) to speak. A carpet will decrease the echo effect.

Batteries (2) (back-up power source for solar panels at Discipleship Way Kenya) - $200

  • The community where our Kenya offices are located is still without power. Through your partnership, God has blessed us to get solar panels. The solar panels have provided light in our offices (and have served the community well). However, because this is the rainy season in Kenya, there has not been adequate sunlight to power the solar panels enough to maintain a charge on the computer or Internet router. We have purchased one battery and an inverter. We need additional batteries so we will have a power source while the other battery/ies is/are recharging.

Ad-free Worship - $17

  • Some of our worship will be delivered through YouTube. To enjoy worship without ads or other virtual intrusions, we will subscribe to YouTube’s premium membership. With this membership, we can enjoy watching the videos ad-free. (I am asking for a 1-time donation of $17 for this, but there is also the opportunity to partner with us for $17/month to cover an ongoing subscription. You may also sow the entire year at once: $204.)

Refreshments for DWK in-person attendees - $50

Giving Outlets

PayPal or Zelle:

Cash App: $KIsFree (K Is Free - all one word)

Venmo: @GodsLoveSongMin

Mpesa: @ Evans Akenya +254 716 422 088

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