God's Love Song Ministries

Sharing Love... Living Christ


Thank you for sowing into God's Love Song Ministries! 

Your seed is helping us to reach individual lives near and far through the preaching of the Word and personal discipleship. 

May you be blessed knowing that as you have given, it shall be given unto you - good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!

What you have made happen for others, God will make happen for you, in Jesus' Name!

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What does it mean to partner with God's Love Song Ministries?

By partnering with God's Love Song Ministries, you join in commitment with us, sharing our vision of being living, tangible manifestations of God's love in people's lives, ushering them into a revelatory knowing and believing in the love of God, which sets them free and positions them to take ownership of their identity in Christ.
What are my responsibilities as a partner with God's Love Song Ministries?

As a partner with God's Love Song Ministries, you will support us with a commitment to :

  • Pray for this ministry regularly
  • Support the ministry with a monthly financial seed
  • Support the ministry with your participation in outreaches and 
     initiatives as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

What benefits do I receive by being a partner with God's Love Song Ministries?

By sowing prayer, encouragement, and finances into the ministry on a regular basis, you help us to minister God’s love in St. Croix, and in all the Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth. 

Not only do you help us to minister God's love, but through the seed that you sow, you minister God's love with us. 

Everywhere we go, you go. Everything we do, you do. Every person we bless, you bless. Every person we usher into deeper relationship with God, you usher into deeper relationship with God. In short, you receive a bountiful and eternal harvest that far exceeds any seed you sow.

As a partner of the ministry, you will receive

  • daily prayer by our prayer ministers,

  • agreement in prayer according to the Word of God,

  • celebration of God's goodness in your life as you

  • faith-filled, Bible teachings on a monthly basis, 
and, most importantly,

  • an impartation of revelation of the Love of God that is on this ministry.

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