God's Love Song Ministries

                        ...Owning and Celebrating Our Identity in Christ 
                                                             and Influencing Others to do the Same!!!

Welcome to  God's Love Song Designs !!!

As a branch of God's Love Ministries, the purpose of God's Love Song Designs is to speak life to all who experience these God-given, Holy Ghost inspired products-whether wearing them, reading them, or just seeing them at a glance. There is an anointing on each of these products to change the very atmosphere... to speak life into every situation.. to bring about a change where ever change is needed.

You see, God created us in His Own Image and in His likeness. He designed us to be like Him. He has given His children the authority to speak His Word with the expectation of seeing It manifest in the earth. Right here. Right now. He has given  us the authority to design our situations, our futures and our surroundings by speaking His Word in faith.

May you be blessed by God's Love Song Designs as you speak these life-giving, world-changing words over your lives and the lives of others.


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